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About Us

This business was built with an emphasis on honesty, integrity and trust…along with a lot of TLC in the customer relations department! We take dealing with fire safety in your home very seriously. We want to assure you and give you peace of mind that your wood heating system is as safe as we would want it to be in our own homes.

We specialize in chimney sweeping, chimney relining and repairs, EPA rated wood and pellet stove sales and installation, dryer vent cleaning, inspections, chimney caps, chimney venting systems, and all accessories from ash buckets to gas log sets etc.

You won’t find a more professional, thorough, experienced chimney sweeping company that is ready to serve you and your needs. We hear all the time from our new clients about how we put so much more time, effort and pride into our work, compared to their previous chimney sweeps. That’s why, we are the sweeps that your neighbors recommend. Give us a try & see for yourself!

The Grand Ole & Discount Chimney Sweeps Story

Grand Ole Chimney Sweeps was established in 1977, in Chico, California. Discount Chimney Sweeps was established in 1979 in Paradise, California. Owner Mike Hidahl bought the two businesses in 1983, after they had previously merged in 1982.

Mike Hidahl

Mike ran the businesses as a sole proprietor until 2001, at which time he reformed the business into an LLC, with partner Gary Parker, who had been in the chimney sweep business himself for about 9 years.

Mike and Gary, now represent 50 years of combined experience in the chimney sweeping industry. Their experience in this most unique line of work is second to none in the area.

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